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Teaching English as a Second Language and tutoring American students in Reading, Comprehension, and Writing is one of the most meaningful passions of my life. I started working with exchange students and people from across the world when I was 13 years old. I have spent my life teaching, helping and advising Native English speakers and Non-Native English speakers of all ages. After finally following my passion, I graduated in 2015 with a Critical Analysis of Culture, Film and Literature Major and a TEFL Minor. I have since lived abroad and taught at Sun School and IELTSNow.

 Currently living in the USA I teach my students both in person or online. My teaching style is flexible, and is focused on what each student needs, from conversation practice, cultural learning, reading, pronunciation, learning how to learn, to writing in English for both Native and Non-Native speakers at any level. I want students that are dedicated to learning and being creative about their learning experience. Let's get started on figuring out your best learning style and working toward your English goals today!

I have taught students whose native languages are: Spanish, Korean, German, Russian, Turkish, Tajik, Kazakh, Hindi, and many more.

My mission

To meet students where they are at in their learning journey, while inspiring and encouraging confidence in reading, speaking and writing.

Topic Based Group Lessons
You can find a group of likeminded individuals and we can structure each lesson to inspire creativity and learn vocabulary, pronunciation and let you be fully engaged in your learning experience. Not only will I work as your teacher and push your skills in English, but I will also work as your creative facilitator.   
Private Lessons
I will work closely with you to tailor your lessons to your needs and learning style. This conversation based experience will focus on boosting your vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation through a natural conversation approach.  No homework included.
IELTS/TOEFL Speaking Lesson
This will focus on IELTS/TOEFL Speaking Practice only. I will work with you to improve your use of grammatical structures, idiom use, vocabulary, and pronunciation. Let's get you started on your test prep journey today!
Business Pitch Prep or Interview Prep Lesson
This lesson will focus on specific vocabulary, colloquialisms, and public speaking or interview assistance.  
Job Specific English Lesson
Each industry uses their own terminology, so for these lessons you will work to explain what you do and then we will work together to improve your vocabulary, and get you feeling more confident and fluent at work.
Travel to America Prep Lesson
This lesson will address any questions, generalizations or myths you have about America.  I will help you with cultural information and safety ideas for you.  I can assist you with figuring out a budget for your trip and give you many options to consider that you may not have considered.  
English for Travel Prep Lesson
This lesson will focus on greetings, order placing, assistance vocabulary and any other topics that you may be worried about or struggling with.  I will help you feel more confident about your communication for your trip.  
Contact me directly for scheduling your lessons today!
For any questions or special circumstances, feel free to contact me.
Lesson Pricing
Lesson prices vary depending on prep time needed.  I do my best to keep my pricing as affordable as possible.  Teaching, learning and the experience is the main focus for me.  
Group Lessons
Create your engaging learning experience! There has to be a limit of 2 students for a group and groups will be by levels. No homework is included in this lesson.
$25.00 / student / 60 minutes
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Private Lessons Online

Let's work together to reach your English learning goals!

There is no homework included in this lesson.

**Please note if you have this type of lesson scheduled and request services outside the scope of this lesson you will be charged for the extra services provided**

$50.00 / student / 60 minutes
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IELTS / TOEFL Speaking Lesson
Business / Interview Prep Lesson
Job Specific English Lesson
Start improving your English and start reaching your work and life goals today!
This includes homework, test training, or interview preparation.
$75.00 / student / 60 minutes
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Travel Prep Lesson
English for Travel Lesson
Be confident and prepared for your next trip! 
This is intensive and will include homework.
$75.00 / student / 60 minutes
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If I said that Tanya is a passionate teacher, it would be only half-true, because her approach to the students is much greater. Tanya will be a real friend, who can understand what you need and help to achieve your goals. Many students know words but they just can't start speaking, because they feel uncomfortable, they are afraid of possible mistakes, or they cannot break inner borders of their minds. Tanya can be a trigger, who will help to overcome this issue and you will begin to express yourself without further hesitation. Personally, I am very grateful to Tanya for her lessons, full of energy, excellent vocabulary, which I frequently use in my new life, and I should admit that Tanya is very helpful Person! I strongly recommend her English lessons, they will be useful for any entry level, from beginner to advanced, because Tanya is able to find the right individual approach for every student, helping to develop your language abilities.
Moved to New Zealand
Hi, I am Artem. I am 30 years old, living in New Zealand, Auckland, moved from Russia, Saint-Petersburg.
My English journey started a long time ago in school, then in Uni, and finally, I took some additional classes. I never learned well. I managed to reach the Pre-Intermediate level before I started with Tanya. I could not understand the grammar and was always shy to speak in English.
I am benefited a lot from Tanya's conversation lessons for IELTS. I know how quickly you will learn depends on your motivation, approach and time spent in, but also from your teacher. Tanya was just the right person with the right approach for me. Instead of struggling with English grammar, we started having natural conversations. I never felt confident talking in English, but Tanya was so patient and amiable. She let me speak, express my mind even my speech had a lot of mistakes. She just let me feel confident and comfortable. I learned a lot from the course. It helped me to pass IELTS and moved to New Zealand. I recommend her for everyone who wants to improve Speaking Skills and general knowledge of English.
Good luck to everyone who started English Journey.
Moved to New Zealand
Lesson with Tanya was so wonderful. She was teacher of my daughter and I am so proud to said that my 8 years old daughter can speak English well now and understand ( not easy for Russian), as well as read!
Tanya so nice, patient, lesson was never boring. Even my little one, who never sit quite and always run around.
Really happy that we met Tanya!
Hello everybody,

I was lucky to be a Tanya's student at IELTS Speaking course several years ago.
From the very first lesson I was impressed by Tanya's approach - she doesn't interrupt you during the speech, but fixes mistakes at the same time. That really helps to speak without "fear of mistakes", what I faced with at another courses. I can confirm that significant progress has been achieved in several months, and of course I would like to underline that all lessons were held in warm and cordial atmosphere, that also helps to come out of shell.
I started lessons with Tanya a few months ago as an A1 learner. I have watch Tanya teach other students and have been taught myself. I want to note Tanya's individual approach to each student. Tanya understands that each of her students have their own characteristics and difficulties learning English. Tanya painstakingly works to understand what her student's needs are and then builds a training plan. She knows how to motivate and she selects interesting topics for discussions. This makes classes a lot of fun! Students will be very lucky if they choose Tanya as their teacher, because they will have the opportunity to study topics in a real American environment. Tanya is a person with a big heart, she is not only a teacher, but also a good friend. She is always ready to help not only in learning English, but also in helping you adapt to American life. She has a lot of interesting ideas every day for lessons. If you really need to learn English in accordance with your goals, I highly recommend Tanya!
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